Every item sold plants a tree with the National Forest Foundation.


We love to travel the earth, so we need to take care of it!

We are doing our part by planting one tree for every item purchased by YOU, our amazing supporters. 

We teamed up with the National Forest Foundation, which works tirelessly each year to re-forest millions of acres of land in the United States which have been damaged due to fire, flood, severe weather, and insect and disease outbreaks. By planting trees, we can help protect natural habitats for resident wildlife, sequester carbon dioxide to prevent severe climate change, restore watersheds across the country, and provide future recreation opportunities for younger generations.

So let us take a moment to say THANK YOU, because by buying an item from Village and Wild, you are giving the earth a very important gift: ONE MORE TREE.

Visit www.nationalforests.org to learn about other ways you can help protect one of our country's most important resources.